Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: 5 Best Villains In The Series (& 5 Worst)

Each part of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure has its own main antagonist, but alongside these end-game level bosses are their subordinates who, even with their short appearances, are able to deal significant damage to the protagonists on their long journeys. In this list, we'll be taking a look at 5 amazing enemies in the Jojo's universe, major and minor alike, as well as 5 who didn't really live up to their potential. It mostly covers what's out in the anime (so parts 1-5), and aren't listed in any particular order. Let's do this.

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10 Worst: Mariah (Bastet)

Mariah is a short-tempered lady who has a thing for older men (it's the reason she followed DIO in the first place) with a Stand that's one of the weirder ones that has no direct attacks whatsoever. Her Stand is literally an electrical socked that she places wherever she wants, and anyone that touches it becomes magnetized. Sure, it plays on someone's curiosity and she can stay a certain distance away (although not enough to keep her out of harm's way), but even with these notes, it's still not a very good Stand. At the end of her stint in Stardust Crusaders, Avdol and Joseph managed to defeat her by using her own Stand's power against her too, so even more minus points for that.

9 Best: Yoshikage Kira (Killer Queen)

Someone who's activity was only mysteriously hinted at throughout the first half of part 4, Yoshikage Kira is a peculiar and creepy one. He's not the "I'll rule the world" type of villain and, on the contrary, claimed to just want a simple and quiet life. That might just be what makes him such a good villain though. He goes for his targets behind the scenes and everyone in town just sees him as a run-of-the-mill townie. He's obsessive-compulsive, has a creepy hand fetish, and is all around uncomfortable to watch. His Stand, Killer Queen, is also quite powerful and surprisingly able to leave zero trace of his victims. His abilities get even scarier with the addition of Sheer Heart Attack, who is nearly unstoppable, and Bites the Dust, which almost helped him achieve his goal of a "peaceful" life through time manipulation.

8 Worst: Toyohiro Kanadaichi (Super Fly)

Stands are cool because they usually benefit their users and give them an advantage, but in Super Fly's case, the user ends up just being a prisoner trapped inside. Because Super Fly is a transmission tower in the middle of nowhere, an encounter is dependent partially by chance. Kanadaichi was really more concerned about being able to leave his Stand than anything when he tricked Josuke, having been promised by Yoshihiro that he would be taken care of for life if he trapped them, but in the end, he turned out to not be very hostile and even a kind of nice guy? He's a far cry from any other antagonist in any part of Jojo's.

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7 Best: Dio Brando

Dio was one of the first characters introduced in this universe and was the main antagonist of the two parts -- Phantom Blood and Stardust Crusaders. His intelligence and cunning make him one of the best villains, and his pettiness really just makes you hate him even more. He might also have the largest power set in all of Jojo's. His Stand, The World, is powerful, scary, and well known, but we can't forget the skills he had when he turned into a Vampire (even though Araki did). There are the general regeneration and superhuman strength, speed, and enhanced senses, but there's also his Space Ripper Stingy Eyes (which was how he killed Jonathan) and his Vaporization Freezing technique (which was his counter to the Ripple) -- all of which were introduced well before The World. These made him pretty much invincible and menacing even from the very beginning.

6 Worst: Hol Horse (Emperor)

Hol Horse is probably the most cowardly character in all of Jojo's. He's very comfortable when he has someone else who calls the shots, but the minute he's left alone by whoever he's teamed up with at that moment, his confidence crumbles and he just runs away. His Stand, Emperor, is another example of a Stand that could be better. He has the ability to control bullet trajectories, essentially removing the need for preciseness. Later on in Vento Aureo, Guido Mista's Sex Pistols presents a similar ability, but if you compare how they utilized their Stands, Hol Horse seems like such a missed opportunity for greatness, especially considering he doesn't even have a limitation with his bullets.

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5 Best: Ghiaccio (White Album)

Many members of Passione did a good job in threatening Bucciarati and his team, but Ghiaccio was one of the scarier ones from them all. For someone whose Stand is literally cool as ice, he's a very short-tempered and angry person (but is still level-headed when it counts). White Album's introduction was quick but intense and was one of those really unexpected attacks. His ability to instantly freeze or melt anything, even the air, can deal a lot of damage in a short period of time, and since White Album was an invincible suit that Ghiaccio wore, he had an incredible defense too. It took some time before Giorno and Mista figured out his weakness, a small airhole at his nape, and even more time before they were able to do something about it. The encounter between Ghiaccio and Mista and Giorno was one of those ones where the survival of our main characters was really up in the air.

4 Worst: Ken Oyanagi (Boy II Man)

Boy II Man is an example of a Stand that could have an impressive ability but was given to an overly confident user. This Stand feels like he could be on par with the Darby brothers' Stands, but just being tied to Rock Paper Scissors pulls Boy II Man way lower than he could be. Add to this a Stand user that doesn't seem to acknowledge the fact that he could lose, because he believed that luck was always on his side, and you're left with a fight that's frustrating in the worst way. He idolized Kishibe Rohan and challenged him to Rock Paper Scissors, believing that beating him would mean surpassing him (not to mention stealing his Stand). It didn't really end in his favor though, and it wasn't even very memorable.

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3 Best: Wamuu

Wammu is a weird one. He's a rare antagonist that highly values his battles and honors those that deserve recognition. When he could've killed a defenseless Joseph, he instead lets him live to fight at a later time when Joseph has become a more formidable opponent (but with a time limit and poison to boot). Later on, he left the antidote to Joseph after recognizing and honoring Caesar's last efforts. He is a master of fighting, such that even Kars recognizes his prowess, and his Wind Mode is a hard ability to go against, even for Ripple users. His Divine Sandstorm creates a massive tornado that can shred even human beings to pieces, and his Wind Suit essentially renders him invisible by enveloping him in a layer of wind that reflects sun rays off of his body. He even has a technique that's kind of like a self destruct mode -- Atmospheric Rift gathers and compresses huge amounts of air that can be released like a razor-sharp whip from the horn on his head but tears his body apart.

2 Worst: Oingo (Khnum) & Boingo (Tohth)

The Oingo Boingo brothers may have a killer opening and end credit, but for two characters who are supposed to represent Egyptian gods and be the most powerful people DIO could find, they really don't compare to the others. Oingo's Stand is lacking in that he is only able to change his face, anyone would very easily see through his rouse the second they saw his clothing, and Boingo's Stand is very vague in its predictions, but the brothers treat it like a god of sorts. Instead of being a threat to the Stardust Crusaders, they seemed to be more of a comedy pair that's there to lighten the mood in between intense situations. Boingo just seems to be the overconfident reader of Tohth's predictions, while Oingo's blind trust in the ability of Boingo's Stand eventually just led to him being blown up, beat up, and rendered out of commission. Boingo even paired up with Hol Horse later on, but again, his blind belief in his Stand just led to unfortunate events for both of them.

1 Best: Vanilla Ice (Cream)

Probably DIO's most devoted underling, Vanilla Ice is the scariest of all the Stand users in Stardust Crusaders (and even more so after he volunteered to be decapitated by DIO and then being turned into a vampire). His devotion was so intense that he nearly beat Iggy to death just for conjuring up an image of DIO to try and trick him. In what was probably the most stressful few episodes of the part, he killed both Avdol and Iggy in quick succession (even for Jojo's) and nearly killed Polnareff as well. His Stand, Cream, is already pretty scary in that it disintegrates whatever it touches, but with how Vanilla Ice overcame its weaknesses of no being able to see by spiraling around his opponent combined with his insane durability because of his vampirism made him all the more threatening.

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