JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Top 10 Companions

The long-standing anime and manga adventure series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is almost like the Doctor Who of Shonen Jump. It's a popular series with a succession of main characters who assume the title of "JoJo," often a shortening of their name. Jonathan Joestar launches this grand adventure in Phantom Blood, later continued by Joseph Joestar in Battle Tendency and Jotaro Kujo in the ultra-popular Stardust Crusaders.

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And like the Doctor, each JoJo hero has a unique set of supporting characters and friends who are fellow fighters, a moral compass, and more. In fact, some companions travel with more than one JoJo, and Joseph Joestar goes from a lead character to a supporting role once he grows older. So, who are the top 10 companions of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?

10 Robert Speedwagon

Mr. Speedwagon is a fan favorite, and he's a stylish dresser to boot. He first appears as an oddly well-dressed hoodlum in Phantom Blood, and though he can't used Hamon (let alone a stand), he becomes a loyal and stalwart friend all the same. He tearfully inherits Baron Zeppeli's hat after the latter's death against Dio's minions, and by the end of part 1, Speedwagon is ready for more adventure. He launches the Speedwagon Foundation, and to add to the Doctor Who parallels, the Speedwagon Foundation is like the Torchwood for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. What a fine legacy!

9 Caesar Zeppeli

Speaking of the late Baron Zeppeli, his grandson Caesar ranks high among all companions. In this case, he's a frenemy of Joseph Joestar in Battle Tendency, and boy, can he pack a punch. He's a skilled Hamon user, and he can use it in all sorts of creative ways, including making bubbles, of all things. Caear maxes out his potential after training under the lovely Lisa Lisa, and he confronts the Pillar Men head on later. He loses his life to the Pillar Men, and the viewer grieves right alongside Joseph and Lisa Lisa. Hats off to a fine companion!

8 Jean Pierre Polnareff

Here is one of the standouts of Stardust Crusaders: the fine Frenchman Polnareff! Like Speedwagon, he's an antagonist at first, but it's only due to a Flesh Bud that DIO had placed on his forehead. What makes Polnareff so fascinating is not only his amusing hair and really cool stand (imagine Bender with a fencing sword), but his tragic story. Polnareff lost his younger sister to the Man With Two Right Hands, and in desperation he turned to DIO, only to fall under the ancient vampire's spell. But Jotaro breaks him free of that control, and Polnareff is ready to lay his life on the line to slay DIO for all time.

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7 Mohammed Avdol

Here is another JoJo companion who tragically lost his life in the battle against evil. But in this case, Avdol is an exemplary JoJo companion not only due to his terrific stand (Magician's Red), but how he nobly gave his life to save Polnareff's. At first, the gang was sure that Avdol had died to Hol Horse's bullet in India, only for Avdol to resurface later. This Egyptian fought bravely with Jotaro's gang in his homeland until he shoved Polnareff away from Vanilla Ice's attack and thus lost his own life. But that wasn't in vain; working together, Polnareff and Iggy finally put an end to Vanilla Ice's rampage.

6 Koichi Hirose

First appearing as an ordinary high school boy in Diamond is Unbreakable, Koichi Hirose soon becomes a hero in his own right. Though short and cowardly at first, Koichi gains his own stand, Echoes. With it, he can make sound effects (often written in katakana) manifest as reality. It's a clever and flexible power that often takes his opponents by surprise, and his stand continues to evolve after that. Koichi takes a crash course in becoming a stand-using hero along with Josuke and Okuyasu, and he does a fine job.

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5 Lisa Lisa

Both Jonathan Joestar and his grandson Joseph learn about Hamon at the hands of the masters. Jonathan learned on the fly from Baron Zeppeli en route to Dio's lair, and Joseph learned it from his very own mother, Lisa Lisa. She's older than she looks, and much tougher! This British beauty uses Hamon to not only look young, but pummel the forces of evil into submission. Lisa Lisa expertly trained Joseph and Caesar to unlock the full potential of this power, and she fearlessly joined both young men on the front lines against the Pillar Men. She definitely deserves a "world's best mom" mug.

4 Bruno Bucciaratti

In Golden Wind, Giorno Giovanna has a whole gang of gangsters to fight with, and three appear on this list as top-tier JoJo companions. First up is Bucciarati, who is a sort of father figure to the group. He's not the overall boss of Passione, but he's a good leader of his own squad, and he sought out each other member and gave them a family and purpsoe when they had none. Now that's some serious charity, and we all know how deeply Italians love family. Like some other companions on this list, he gave his life to defeat evil, and in this case, he helped lay the groundwork for Diavolo's defeat. Oh, and his stand (Sticky Fingers) uses zippers, which is much more effective than it sounds.

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3 Guido Mista

Here is the second member of Giorno's gang to qualify as a top-tier JoJo pal. For one thing, he's not a total jerk like some other Passione members are, and he offers a friendly hand to Giorno and makes him feel welcome (more than Abbacchio can claim). On top of that, his stand, Sex Pistols, makes him a real crack shot with a revolver, which gets the Passione gang out of more than one tight spot. No matter the odds, Mista is by your side and ready to take aim.

2 Shigekiyo Yangu

This middle schooler had his life cut short when Yoshikage Kira destroyed him with his stand, Killer Queen. But until then, Shigekiyo (nicknamed Shigechi) was a real scene stealer. His stand, Harvest, is great fun to watch, being made up of countless beetle-like creatures. With them, Shigekiyo can gather up nearly anything, often dropped loose change (so it's not actually stealing). At Josuke's recommendation, he also gathers coupons, but he soon turns against his friends when it comes to sharing this wealth. Still, it's hard to hate him, and Shigekiyo is just a dopey kid who finally got some friends. Bonus points for his deep love of family, and his good manners with adults.

1 Trish Una

And now for another lady on this list. Trish is none other than Diavolo's estranged daughter, and in her first appearance on screen, she's a bratty and spoiled teenaged girl. Fortunately, she has much more depth than that! Poor Trish hides some insecurities and fears about her ancestry and where she fits in the world, and we watch her become a brave and selfless fighter partway through Golden Wind. She earnestly cares for her companions, and it helps that she soon awakens her very own stand, Spice Girls. This stand can soften items that it touches, and this acts as a secret weapon against Diavolo's deadly King Crimson stand. By the end, Trish proves herself a fine young woman indeed.

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