JoJo: 10 Hilarious Araki Forgot Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure might be the best, worst, and weirdest property of all time. It's so weird, but somehow popular enough to share article headlines with Fortnite. Never before has a series included a paralyzed man who can shoot his fingernails, a vampire who forgets about his eye lasers, and a plaid-patterned stand that just works, okay? Basically, this anime and manga are nonsense, just the amazing kind.

Author Hirohiko Araki has somehow managed to craft an incredibly complex world. And sometimes, he just, ya know... forgets about certain plotlines or characters altogether. There's a ton of memes online that go over all the things Araki has forgotten about over the years in his eight-part series, so let's cover some of the best.

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10 The Double Dio Coffin

Remember how we just cut Araki a bunch of slack about forgetting things since Jojo is so long? Well, nevermind, we forgot he messed something up in literally the first part. At the end of Phantom Blood, Jonathan Joestar and the head of Dio go down together in a burning ship. Jonathan's wife Erina escapes with their child by floating on the casket Dio has planned on using when he took over Jonathan's body. But, in the third part, Stardust Crusaders, it's discovered that the same Black Coffin is what Dio awoke from. So, were there two oddly garish black coffins, or did Araki literally just forget? I know what our bet is.

9 Star Platinum Bringing Jotaro Stuff Even With Its Limited Range

Speaking of Stardust Crusaders, remember how Jotaro thought he was possessed by an evil spirit? The oddly gigantic teenager holes himself up in a jail cell so he won't hurt anyone with his soon-to-be-discovered Stand, Star Platinum. And, while in jail, Jotaro either consciously or unconsciously has Star Platinum bring him things such as a boom box, a beer, a motorcycle, and some other random items. But, it seems like Araki hadn't figured out Stand ranges at this time, because Star Platinum only has a range of 3 meters. So, unless there was a Wal-mart directly behind the jail cell, this makes no sense.

8 Dio Forgets About All His Vampire Powers

Now, after Dio wakes up and goes to Egypt to hire some random nobodies, he obtains a Stand of his own. The World is one of the most overpowered stands in the series, as it can freeze time and let Dio do all sorts of wacky things during the frozen moment. It's a bit confusing, but not nearly as confusing as Stand powers get later on.

But, while this Stand is strong, it's no reason for Dio to forget about his weirdo Vampire abilities. Remember how Dio could freeze people? Or shoot concentrated beams of blood out of his eyes? Or even his ability to create horrifying human-animal hybrids? Thankfully we remember because Araki sure didn't.

7 Josuke Saving His Past Self

This next one still deeply bothers us. In Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable, we follow a new Joestar, Josuke Higashikata to be exact. Josuke is the flower-child character of the Joestar line and a real goofball. But, when we look into his past, we can see that the lad actually almost had a fatal moment when he was young.

Thankfully, he survives thanks to a mysterious stranger pushing the car out of the snow, and the series absolutely implies this stranger is Josuke from the future. Obviously, this was meant to be a moment where Josuke travels in time thanks to Kira's Bites the Dust, but it seems like Araki forgot about this plot thread. So, guess we'll just forget about this incredible moment then.

6 Hierophant Green's Got More Than The Emerald Splash

Kakyoin has quite the odd character arc in Part 3. This aloof high school student is the fourth to join the crew with his Stand Hierophant Green. But, unlike the others, Kakyoin only joins after losing to Jotaro in a Stand battle. During this battle, Kakyoin displays a series of powers, such as cutting Jotaro's legs by slashing an illustration of him with red paint, possessing other people by sending Heirophant Green inside them, or even using his Stands long tail like a tripwire.

Unfortunately, it seems like losing to Jotaro after using al these tricks took a toll on Kakyoin emotionally, because we never see him use them again. At least that makes more sense than Araki literally forgetting, which is the actual answer.

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5 Hermit Purple Should've Found Kira

Out of all the Stands in the Stardust Crusaders crew, Joseph Jotaro's is probably the worse. To be fair, the guy is old, and he already had his own season. Hermit Purple is Josephs's stand, and other than it acting like vines that sprout from his arm, the stand can also take "spirit photos" of anything Joseph wants it to.

This seems like it would've been a helpful ability in the hunt for Kira in Part 4. A hunt Joseph was literally present for. Even if it couldn't find Kira, it would be a better use of Josephs's time over taking care of a random invisible baby that never shows up again.

4 Stone Ocean's Dio Ressurection Plotline

Part 6 of Jojo has our favorite in the Joestar line, Jolyne. This rough and tumble girl was framed for a crime she didn't commit and is stuck serving her sentence in the Green Dolphin Street Prison. During her time here, she goes up against a Stand-wielding priest named Enrico Pucci, who has ties to Dio Brando. Turns out, the Priest is following a very complicated set of instructions given to him by Dio, back when they were buds, that seems to be centered around resurrecting the fan-favorite villain.

At least, that was the plan, and when Green Baby is born, the Joestar birthmark seems to be the sign it's time to kick things off. Quite frankly, this baby is one of the strongest Stands in the franchise. But, alas, instead we get this weird world-reset ending that has nothing to do with Pucci's original goals and serves as an odd ending to an overall amazing part.

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3 Joseph Literally Dies

Again, during the climactic battle between Dio Brando and Jotaro Joestar, a lot happens. Cairo takes some massive damage, Kakyoin is killed, and so is Joseph Joestar. Or at least, that was the implication when Dio sucked literally all his blood out. Remember how his soul waves goodbye to Jotaro? Well, Araki doesn't, cause he brings Joseph back less than a few chapters later, with seemingly no side effects from being bitten by a vampire lord. Nevermind the fact that Jotaro tells Josuke that a human can't be brought back to life with a Stand, that rule only applies after Jotaro got his resurrecting out of the way.

2 Tiny Stand, Talking Stands, And More

Early on in the Stand days, Araki was still figuring things out. He didn't know if Stands could talk, if they were made from Ripple energy, or if their size could be changed at will. Nowhere is this better shown than in the Steely Dan fight. During this fight, Polnareff's Silver Chariot and Kakyoins Heirophant Green are shrunken down to micro-organic sizes. This is neither explained or even elaborated upon in the story. It's just regarded as something Stands can innately do, and then is never done ever again in the franchise. Neat.

1 Josuke Doesn't Use Kira's Fingernails To Find Him

Hey, remember how we talked about Josephs's lack of using Hermit Purple during Part 4? Well, there' s a more insulting example. Josuke's Stand has the ability to restore anything back to a previous state it was in. Touch a car after a crash? It's good as new. Touch a person after they've been cut? They're good as new. But, touch one of Kira's shirt buttons to follow it back to its owner? No, that would be ridiculous.

How about using it on the jar of toenails Josuke finds in the old Yoshikage house? For someone as clever as him, you would think this obvious solution would come up at some point in time.

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