Join The Jaffa Forces With This Week's <i>Stargate</i> Auction! [Auctions]

Fans of the Stargate franchise looking for a way to marry their interest into a compelling cosplay idea can get a good start with this week's Spinoff Online exclusive first look at an auction from Propworx — a full set of Jaffa tattoo stencils, which were used on Stargate to apply makeup to the foreheads of actors portraying Jaffa characters.

Read on for a more detailed description of the item and information on how to bid, courtesy of Propworx’s David Read!


David Read: Lead your army into battle with these Jaffa stencils! This is the complete set acquired by Propworx, and is the only time we will be offering all 20 simultaneously.

The incubators and foot soldiers for the Goa'uld, the Jaffa were a genetically engineered force to be reckoned with. Nearly every Goa'uld had a battalion of these humanoids under their command. Without Goa'uld symbiotes to sustain their bodies as their only immune system, a Jaffa warrior would die within hours. The Jaffa eventually won their freedom with the help of a substance called tretonin and a Replicator war.

This set includes Jaffa tattoos for Anubis, Apophis, Ares, Atum, Baal, Cronus, Hathor, Heru-Ur, Imhotep, Khonsu, Moloc, Montu, Nirrti, Ramius, Seth, Sokar, Svarog, Tilgath, Yu and Zipacna. Using these stencils, tattoos were makeup-applied to the foreheads of Jaffa actors to distinguish the god whom they were born to serve.

Each production made black vinyl stencil comes on decal paper with peelable sticky sides. Be warned! Each is only made for one use.

Visit the Propworx Stargate auctions on eBay to check out this one-of-a-kind set!

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