Johnson & Perkins Take on "Supergirl" Following Bedard

As revealed in the November 2014 solicitations released Monday by DC Comics, "Supergirl" has a new writing team: Mike Johnson and Kate Perkins, the latter making her comic book writing debut. The pair are taking over the book from Tony Bedard, who had been on the series since last December's issue #26.

For Johnson, it's a return to the series that he helped launch with the dawn of the New 52 in fall 2011. Johnson co-wrote "Supergirl" with Michael Green from issue #1, before becoming the book's sole writer, and later departing with issue #19.

Perkins, a playwright, is the second female writer to join a DC series starring a high-profile female character in November -- along with Meredith Finch, who's taking over "Wonder Woman" with her husband David Finch. "Supergirl" #36 is slated to be illustrated by regular series artist Emanuela Lupacchino, also a female creator.

No announcement has yet been made on a new project for Bedard at DC Comics. His most recent interview with CBR on "Supergirl" was published last month.

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