Johns Teases The First Lantern in "Rise of the Third Army"

In DC Comics' "Green Lantern Annual" #1 this week, Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver introduced readers to the First Lantern, a mysterious Lantern imprisoned by the Guardians. While nothing further was revealed about the mysterious new character, "Green Lantern" writer and DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns spoke to the publisher's blog, The Source, about the new character and his importance to the upcoming crossover arc, "Rise of the Third Army."

"Who the First Lantern is and what his role will be in the upcoming Green Lantern universe will come into play very, very quickly," Johns told The Source. "The being inside has been imprisoned there for a long, long time. The Guardians consider him their greatest threat, but also their greatest source of power. Whether he's friend or foe will be up for debate, but regardless he is one of the potentially most dangerous beings in existence."

DC editor Matt Idelson also spoke about the character, teasing the First Lantern's involvement in the future of "Green Lantern." "In 'Green Lantern Annual' #1, readers got their first glimpse at the First Lantern, someone who's been locked away for a very long time -- for a very good reason!" said Idelson. "His presence in this story is the catalyst for something very bad, and yet his story is only going to grow from here."

Stick around for more on the First Lantern and his role in "Rise of the Third Army" as it develops.

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