Johns, Reis and Prado Bring Aquaman to the "Throne of Atlantis"

This week, DC Comics announced a major creative shift in its flagship book. Beginning with "Justice League" #15, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado will replace Jim Lee as ongoing artists, working with series writer Geoff Johns on the DC Universe's premiere superhero team. During the announcement of the artistic change, Johns mentioned the first story Reis and Prado would draw is a crossover between "Justice League" and "Aquaman" called "Throne of Atlantis," which begins in December. In an interview with USA Today, the DC Chief Creative Officer spoke about the crossover and how readers will learn more about Aquaman's disdain for his former kingdom.

"There's still questions of what Atlantis is like and what they do and what they're capable of and why they exist and who sank Atlantis," Johns told USA Today. "There's all this mythology behind Atlantis that were not really sure of and no one really has any answers, and we're about to get the answers."

Johns also teased Reis and Prado's new design for classic Aquaman nemesis Ocean Master and the Atlanteans, as well as the direction and future development of the Justice League and its individual members.

"The Justice League is trying to come together and become the team that Aquaman said in issue 12 the team needed to be: a team that trusts each other, that knows each other, and there are no secrets anymore," Johns said. "They're trying to get through all that in this arc, and now they've got to deal with some of these things that they don't know about each other and are literally rising up out of the waters they're going to have to come face to face with."

"Throne of Atlantis" begins in "Justice League" #15 and crosses over with "Aquaman" #15 in December.

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