Johns' "Other League" Expands With Prisoner-Of-War

DC Comics continues its revelation of the upcoming new story arc of "Aquaman" by Geoff Johns with art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado. Yesterday, the publisher revealed The Others, a super powered team from Aquaman's past who reappear in "Aquaman" #7 for a brand new story arc appropriately entitled "The Others." Johns also introduced Reis and Prado's design for Kahina the Seer, the moral compass of the group. Today, on its blog The Source, DC has revealed the newest member of The Others, a faceless soldier called Prisoner-Of-War.

"When Ivan, Joe and I spoke about Prisoner-Of-War with our editor Pat McCallum we went back and forth quite a bit," Johns said via The Source. "We wanted this soldier, this man who was held captive for years and the only survivor of his squad, to be and feel like a faceless victim of war. One who was now fighting for his freedom and identity. But his identity is clouded by the mysterious powers he gained after his fellow soldiers were killed. The shackles he wears are golden like Aquaman's trident, but a source of another power. When we meet Prisoner-Of-War he is a far cry from the man he once was...or will be."

The Prisoner-Of-War design by Reis and Prado features a faceless man with scars on his arms and a collection of dog tags around his neck. His uniform is spartan with knee pads, a utility belt and combat boots. Johns revealed no further details about The Others, but readers will discover more about the team when "The Others" begins on March 28 with "Aquaman" #7.

Stay tuned to CBR News for more developments on "Aquaman" and "The Others."

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