Johns Opens Up on DC TV Easter Eggs, Multiverse Crossovers & More

When Geoff Johns participated in an AMA over the summer, the DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer revealed a lot, though his Q&A session had a decidedly comic book bent.

Not so Johns' recent talk with Buzzfeed, which focused strongly on the current -- and upcoming -- Warner Bros./DC television side, with a little movie talk thrown in for good measure. And, as with his Reddit AMA, there were some interesting revelations to be found.

Here are the highlights:

Johns specifically uses the term "multiverse." In discussing the various television and movie projects, and how they take place in different realities, Johns dropped a word familiar to comic book readers, but perhaps not to fans of DC's characters by way of other media. Buzzfeed even used the word in its title and intro.

He promises to "never say never." While Johns says "it feels wrong" to even consider having Batman appear on "The Flash" or "Arrow," there's always a chance for the different DC-based TV worlds to cross over with each other, or possibly even into film. "Maybe one day we'll link a show to a film if it makes sense," Johns said, acknowledging that the idea has been discussed, even if it's not the game plan. "I can't think of something where we're flat out, 'No. We'll never do that.'"

Easter eggs aren't added to shows just for fun. Pointing specifically to Jim Corrigan and Dr. Fate's helmet appearing in the "Constantine" pilot, Johns says, "I prefer all our Easter eggs actually lead somewhere, that they're foreshadowing. So a lot of the things we've planted in these series are there to lead to and introduce new characters."

Fish Mooney may follow Diggle's lead and make the move to comics. Apparently, a number of DC Comics creative types are interested in introducing Jada Pinkett Smith's "Gotham" crime boss to Batman's four-color world.

He isn't fazed by seeing spoilers make it online. Rather than wishing things would remain a secret, Johns says he enjoys seeing things like photos of Reverse Flash leak out to fandom. "We live in a day and age where you can't control that stuff from happening and so you just have to embrace the best part of it... If they get a picture of someone on set and they're talking about it, that's great, because they're excited."

"Gotham" is designed to be more Westeros than "Law & Order." According to Johns, showrunner Bruno Heller approaches the pre-Batman series more as a "Game of Thrones" show, with various factions vying for control and power, than a police procedural.

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