Johns offers some fast 'Flash' facts

Wondering about some dangling threads and missing characters in DC Comics' "The Flash?" Series writer Geoff Johns to the rescue.

Johns answered questions last week at DC Comics' official Flash message boards, including the status of missing characters and unresolved bits of business.

Fans of the Pied Piper who miss the large role the reformed villain once played in the series, take heart: "Piper is one of our favorite characters," Johns said. "He will play a major role this year in 'The Flash.'

"Goldface will be seen soon. Cecile Horton has since moved out of Central City and is somewhere in Florida so no plans for him."

Long-absent supporting character Chunk will appear in issue #177. Archvillain Savitar will not be returning.

Wally West's wedding was chaotic, even for a superhero, and along the way, a box marked "To Wally: Urgent!" got lost in the chaos, including that caused by long time writer Mark Waid stepping down after the completion of the epic storyline spinning out of the wedding.

"The box was blown up in the explosion. In all honesty, I was going to get to it but it's not even a priority or in our plans for the next two years. I know it may bug some readers, but it's not my fault!"

And finally, where in the world are Keystone City and Central City?

"See WestEndGames Flash Sourcebook [for the DC Heroes roleplaying game]. But I do believe they are going with Kansas and Missouri, which I'm apt to agree with."

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