Johns' Final "Aquaman" Issue Teases 2014 "Justice League" Event

SPOILER WARNING: The following story contains spoilers for the end of "Aquaman" #25.

Geoff Johns ends his "Aquaman" run with a bang, as Arthur emerges victorious against the usurper king Atlan, taking his rightful place as King of Atlantis with Mera at his side. However, the conclusion to Johns' run also contains an epilogue teasing 2014's big "Justice League" storyline, "Rise Of The Seven Seas."

In the final pages of "Aquaman" #25, Orm and his human companion Erin look out over a rainy Louisiana street, when the door bursts open to reveal Nerus, King of Xebel -- the Second Sea -- who reveals that he knows the locations of the seven seas. He offers Orm the opportunity to join him and allow the seven kings to rule the planet once more.

"We are introducing this mythology piece called the Seven Seas in my last two issues and that's going to continue into a big 'Justice League' story next year," Johns said in the most recent episode of DC All Access. "It warrants Aquaman getting help from the Justice League. It's too big for him to handle alone, so the seven seas, the seven members of the Justice League -- it's all going to be a nice, big story."

The only indication on the timing of "Rise Of The Seven Seas" is that it will take place in 2014, making it the odds-on favorite for the publisher's first post-"Forever Evil" event. Currently, DC Comics' February 2014 solicitations list "Justice League" #28 as continuing "Forever Evil" and introducing the Metal Men. "Forever Evil" will presumably wrap in March, leaving the door open for "Rise Of The Seven Seas" to come to "Justice League" as soon as April.

"Aquaman" #25 is in stores now.

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