Johns Announces Temporary Break from "JSA." Champagne To Pen Issues #78-80.

Geoff Johns is a very busy man besides chronicling the monthly adventures of the JSA, the Teen Titans and Hal Jordan; Johns is also writing the first arc of "JSA: Classified" which features Power Girl and he's writing the epic "Infinite Crisis" mini-series.

Johns posted on his message board that in order to catch up on all his books he'll need to take a temporary break from writing "JSA". Keith Champagne, who writes "Armor X" for Across The Pond studios and provides the inks on "JSA," will be stepping in temporarily to tell a 3 part tale featuring the world's first super team. Champagne's arc is titled "Lost and Found" and will run through issues 78-80 of "JSA." This news follows Johns' recently announced exit from another DC Comics title, "The Flash," as well as a short break on "Teen Titans" which sees Gail Simone and Rob Liefeld step in for a two issue run.

Johns full post read:

Hey, guys --

A heads up!

BLACK VENEGANCE finishes up in issue 75. Then an OMAC pays the JSA a visit in 76, which reveals the fate of one of our cast. And Alan Scott and Hal Jordan team up in 77 to help a character called Airwave!

After that, I'll be stepping down from JSA temporarily for a three-issue story ("Lost and Found" - 78 thru 80) while I finish up Infinite Crisis and JSA Classified 1 thru 4.

The book will continue with subplots we started and character evolutions as it dives into Crisis during "Lost and Found." I've spoken with the guest-writer (see below) and he's weaved it into the monthly. It's NOT a fill-in, it'll actually impact the book. I'll be back to kick it into high gear with issue 81.

This is the last break I'm taking for Crisis, then it's JSA, TEEN TITANS and GREEN LANTERN as we move into 2006.

There are things brewing for 2006 that will dramatically effect the JSA team in terms of membership, character and storylines. You will see new villains; classic villains, relationship shake-ups and some reimagined JSAers.

So, welcome our inker - Keith Champagne - as he takes over the writing chores for "Lost and Found." I think you'll like what he's got in store. And if you're reading ARMOR X, you know he's the real deal.

Thanks for sticking with JSA,


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