Johns and Gossett team-up on 'Metal Hurlant' for Humanoids

[Metal Hurlant]Humanoids Publishing announced today that the second issues of their "Metal Hurlant" series will feature a story written by Geoff Johns ("JLA," "Flash," "Avengers") featuring art and coloring by "The Red Star" creators Christian Gossett and Snakebite. The piece is called "Red Light." "Metal Hurlant" has a long history in Europe and is the book that influenced and inspired the magazine "Heavy Metal."

Humanoids describes it as "the story of a prisoner on an alien world who is kept subduedby a mysterious red light and what happens on the fateful day the light is turned off." This issue will also feature work by "Pin-Up Girls From Around The World" artist, Fred Beltran, as well as "Metabarons" scribe, Alexandro Jodorowsky.

"The new Metal Hurlant is not just a comic. It's an attempt to raise thestandard of excellence in the medium by a company of people whose tastessimply rock," said Gossett in the release. "It's great to be a part of what Humanoids isdoing and to get Geoff Johns thrown into the bargain is also just very cool.

"It all comes down to the amazingly high level of professionalism atHumanoids. It's an unparalleled experience to work with them and Geoff'sstory is awesome. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship," continued Gossett.

[Page 6]For Team Red Star this is their first work they've accepted outside of "The Red Star."

"Red Star is an amazing book produced by an amazing creative team," writer Geoff Johns said in the release. "I feel extremely lucky that Humanoids brought us together. And I hope 'Red Light' raises a few eyebrows."

"All I have to say is 'wow,'" commented Ian Sattler, Marketing Manager forHumanoids in the release. "Speaking strictly as a fan, I couldn't be any more excitedabout Red Light. Geoff, Goss, and Snake produce some of my favorite comicsof all time. 'JSA' and 'Red Star' are always at the top of the reading pilewhen I get home from the comic store. The story they have produced for thisissue of 'Metal Hurlant' is freaking amazing and sure to be a real treat fortheir fans. This is one great comic experience."

"Metal Hurlant #2" is 48 pages, retails for $3.95 and will ship to stores August 2nd.

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