"Johnny Repeat" in Bookstores Now!

Official Press Release

(LOS ANGELES, CA) – Publisher Elizabeth James announced today that Citizen Press has partnered with distributor Partners Publishers Group to bring its brand of "Entertainment for the People" to a bookstore near you. First up on their list... the 2006 cult hit graphic novel JOHNNY REPEAT.

"I'm extremely excited about bringing JOHNNY REPEAT to a broader audience and flattered that a national book distributor of PPG's caliber is welcoming us into their family with such open arms" said Elizabeth. "With the crossover successes of properties like Heroes, 300 and Sin City, the overall mainstreaming of comic books in general, and a JOHNNY REPEAT sequel on the way, now is the time."

Established by Sam Speigel in 1997, Partners Publishers Group was created to help independent publishers like Citizen Press overcome the daunting challenges of national bookstore distribution. "Unlike many distributors, PPG does not reject single title author/publishers for that reason alone" said Sam. "Each submission is evaluated on its own merits."

The first in a series of graphic novels, JOHNNY REPEAT is written by Elizabeth's husband, creator Jason James (Gotham Girls) and boasts an incredible mix of artists, featuring a wraparound cover by the legendary Tim Sale (Batman: The Long Halloween and NBC's Heroes), with interior art by Paul Azaceta (Grounded), Fabio Cobiaco (Gunned Down), Bruno D'Angelo (Prey), Mark Dos Santos (Western Tales of Terror), Geof Isherwood (Conan) and Noel Tuazon (Elk's Run). Released in comic stores in September 2006, JOHNNY REPEAT is a story of second chances that debates the eternal question:

If you woke up one day in your past remembering everything leading up to the present, would you make a new future?

Swirling in a soup of multiple plotlines, mysterious clues, and double-crossing schemes, JOHNNY REPEAT begs multiple readings that often bear completely different interpretations of the same story. "It's the book that keeps on giving. Like Willy Wonka's 'Everlasting Gobstopper'" said Jason. Elizabeth agrees. "When you finally put JOHNNY REPEAT down, we want you to come away knowing that you just got every penny of your hard-earned $12.95. That's what 'Entertainment for the People' is all about."

JOHNNY REPEAT is a 104-page black-and-white graphic novel with a cover price of $12.95. It is currently available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, finer book stores and a comic book shop near you (order code: JUL063025). For more information, visit www.citizenpress.net or www.partnerspublishersgroup.com.

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