'Johnny Nemo' is back from Cyberosia

Press Release

Cyberosia Publishing announced today that Peter Milligan and Brett Ewins' JOHNNY NEMO stories will be collected this fall in a trade paperback featuring the first new Nemo story in over a decade.

"With NEMO, Milligan and Ewins, with some art assistance along the wayfrom Steve Dillon, created the most violent, foul-mouthed, selfish, andgreedy bastard who's ever graced comics," said publisher Scott O. Brown. "He's been dubbed 'Peroxide Designer God of Violence' for a reason. But beneath the exploding nuns, Bing Crosby worshippers, and replaceable lungs, JOHNNY NEMO is incisive commentary on the world we live in today. His stories are just as relevant now as they were over ten years ago."

Writer Peter Milligan (X-FORCE, HUMAN TARGET) went on to describe JOHNNY NEMO as "stories, set in a fictitious, futuristic city called New London, featuring what at first reading seems to be a larger-than-life, one might say Byronic, figure called Johnny Nemo. Though New London and Johnny Nemo are fictions, both are based on true characters. The 'real' Johnny Nemo is still alive, but only just. I'm sure you'll understand why I cannot divulge his exact whereabouts."

The first volume of JOHNNY NEMO, an 88 page trade paperback, will beavailable this November (Diamond Order Code SEP02 2026) and will retailfor $12.95 (ISBN 0-9709474-8-8). In addition to collecting nearly adozen of the old NEMO short stories from Deadline Magazine, JOHNNY NEMOalso contains "Time for Nemo", the first new addition to the canon inten years. NEMO is not for the squeamish or easily offended, but thenagain, what truly provocative satire is?

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