Johnny Knoxville, Andy Samberg Top Contenders For <i>Three Stooges</i>

"Oh, a wiseguy eh?" That's exactly what Peter and Bobby Farrelly are going to need if they're going to successfully pull off their planned big screen revival of Three Stooges for 20th Century Fox. The iconic Larry, Moe and Curly roles have been pinned to a number of actors since the project was first revealed, most notably Jim Carrey, Sean Penn and Benicio Del Toro. The latest news, reported by The Wrap, reveals that there's a new shortlist of actors to play the headlining trio: Johnny Knoxville, Andy Samberg and Australian comedian Shane Jacobson to play Moe, Larry and Curly, respectively.

With the exception of Jacobson -- whom I have nothing against, I'm simply not familiar with his work -- this is some mighty strong casting. And not just because Knoxville did that awesome Vanity Fair photo spread framing him and his Jackass cohorts as a modern-day Three Stooges. He did good work with the Farrelly bros on The Ringer, which turned out to be far better than it had any right to be.

As for Samberg, somewhere along the line he transformed from annoying Saturday Night Live actor and star of Hot Rod to a genuinely funny comic performer. He hasn't quite broken out in a huge way the way some of his SNL predecessors have, but it seems more like a when than an if in his case. And a leading role in the Farrelly-helmed Three Stooges could certainly turn out to be that when.

As for Jacobson, who knows? He's a big guy, so he'll be good for filling out Curly's physique. Can he pull out a proper "Nyuk nyuk nyuk"? Because really, that's the key to nailing Curly. Get your Nyuks down, and the rest magically falls into place.

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