Johnny Depp in Talks to Star in Wally Pfister's Transcendence

Wally Pfister is making his directorial debut, and he's got some big names to help him do it.

Alcon Entertainment announced today that Johnny Depp is in negotiations to star in the upcoming film, called Transcendence. No word yet on what the film will be about, but we're automatically intrigued just by the talent involved.

“I'm thrilled, and feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Johnny," Pfister said in a statement. "He is a creative and intelligent artist whom I feel will bring great depth to the character and the overall narrative."

Pfister has worked as cinematographer for all of Christopher Nolan's films since Memento (meaning the only one he didn't work on was Following), earning an Oscar for his efforts with 2010's Inception. Nolan is returning the favor by producing Transcendence along with his wife Emma Thomas.

During a Q&A at Ringling College of Art and Design last week (via Huffington Post), Pfister teased the type of movie Transcendence will be.

"I can’t talk too much about it. It’s a present-day science fiction film, a fairly big concept," he said. "It’s bigger budget -- not as big as Batman, but not independent."

Pfister also elaborated on why he wanted to switch over to directing, saying, "I think it’s really just about wanting to find a new kind of artistic expression. I wouldn’t deny that it’s about control. I’d like to make audiences laugh and cry and you have to be in the director’s chair to manipulate people’s perception of the world and their emotional responses. That is a level of power I’d like to feel."

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