Johnny Depp, Disney Team For <i>Night Stalker</i>, Paul Revere Flicks

I think that most of us can agree that it's time to get Johnny Depp out of makeup -- heavy, transformative makeup, that is -- and back to the actual craft of acting. For too long he's hidden behind wacky hair, fake teeth and other trickery. Fortunately, he's teaming with Disney on two upcoming projects that both feature lead characters who don't look like they might come from another planet.

First up you've got The Night Stalker, a big-screen take on the classic ABC TV series, in which Depp would star as newspaperman Carl Kolchak, a role originally played by Darren McGavin. There's a supernatural angle to Kolchak's investigations, but the reporter himself is very much human. Also on the table is a Paul Revere film -- that role would be for Depp as well -- which focuses on the 24-hour period leading to the historic figure's famous midnight ride.

The deal sees Disney teaming with Depp's Infinitum Nihil, Deadline reports. While none of the casting is confirmed yet, the actor is described as "the potential star of both films."

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