JohnBarberComics.com features special episode focuses on tragic events of September 11th

Official Press Release

John Barber's acclaimed online comic series "newyork" features a special episode this week, dealing with the tragic events of September 11.

Barber says the series--which takes place in a near-future version of New York City--couldn't help but reference last week's events. "I'd just finished inking a new episode Monday night. When I woke up Tuesday morning...well, it didn't seem important anymore.

"I spent a week watching the images of the Trade Center and the Pentagon, over and over, and I kept seeing my inked pages just sitting there. I had no desire whatsoever to do the digital work on them. Eventually, I figured out that I had to find some way of expressing my outrage at the actions of these terrorists."

The special episode deals with the anger we all feel and features a warning about letting the anger turn to hatred, especially hatred of innocent people due to their religion or ethnicity.

Barber's site, JohnBarberComics.com, already started running Red Cross banners on all it's pages, for whatever small good that might do. The special "newyork" episode is up right now. Says Barber: "I hope this will bring comics fans and cartoonist--online and off--together in these hard times. Together, we might do some good. Or at least comfort each other.

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