John Woo's "Seven Brothers" #1 to Feature Rare Metallic Editions

Official Press Release

New York, NY– To coincide with the eagerly awaited October 18th release of John Woo’s Seven Brothers #1, publisher Virgin Comics has announced the creation of two limited distribution collector editions.

John Woo’s Seven Brothers #1 strikes comic shops October 18th 2006. The eagerly anticipated series features two standard editions. Edition “A” showcases the world famous artist Yoshitaka Amano (Diamond Product code AUG063641), while cover “B” features the work of fan favorite Greg Horn (Diamond Product code AUG063642). Seven Brothers is written by Garth Ennis (Marvel Comics, The Punisher & DC Comics, Preacher) and illustrated by Jeevan Kang (Marvel Comics, Spider-man: India).

Comic shops will receive one (1) Limited Edition Silver Metallic Edition Seven Brothers #1 for every twenty-five (25) copies they order. Shops that order fifty (50) copies will also receive a Limited Edition Gold Metallic Edition Seven Brothers #1.

Both limited editions feature art by Greg Horn. Retailers will have until September 6th to adjust their orders with Diamond. Fans are urged to contact their local comic shop to pre order and reserve their copies.

Seven Brothers. Seven men. Nothing in common. To fulfill an ancient prophecy, their destinies are drawn together by a mysterious young woman. This motley crew of so-called brothers is now the world’s only hope of stopping an ancient evil that has returned to threaten the very fabric of existence.

“The $100 million box office success of John Woo’s films such as M:I2 and Face/Off are a definite indicator that comic shops will receive a steady flow of traffic and new customers on the October 18th release date,” said Chief Marketing Officer Larry Lieberman. “An extensive mass market press campaign is set to coincide with the release of the comic, so retailers are urged to have ample copies available for John Woo fans that visit their shops this October. Don’t be caught short”

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