'John Wick' Heads to Virtual Reality

With a sequel to the 2014 action thriller "John Wick" already in development, Lionsgate is looking to expand the franchise beyond theaters, and into virtual reality.

The studio has announced it has partnered with Starbreeze to launch a first-person shooter VR game set in the world of the films, with the action "centered around the infamous Continental Hotel." "John Wick" producer Basil Iwanyk and the film's production team will collaborate on the project with virtual-reality studio WEVR and developer Grab.

“'John Wick' is the perfect cross-platform property to extend into the fast-growing gaming world," Peter Levin, Lionsgate's president of interactive ventures and games, said ina  statement, "and we believe that a cutting-edge VR game will deepen fan engagement and accelerate 'John Wick’s' evolution into one of our next big action franchises.”

The demo will be available through SteamVR and at the launch of HTC Vive. The game is targeted for release next spring "on most existing VR headsets."

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