"John Wick 2" is a "Matrix" Reunion, Fishburne Spotted on the Set

Laurence Fishburne has reportedly joined the cast of "John Wick 2," as new photos posted at Gothamist have have surfaced, revealing the veteran actor on the set of the sequel.

Variety reached out to Fishburne's camp for clarification, and received confirmation that the former "CSI" star is shooting a cameo for the film.

Because Fishburne is joining Keanu Reeves for the pic, that of course means fans are "technically" being treated to a "Matrix" reunion. (Now all we need is Carrie Ann-Moss on board...)

"John Wick" co-director Chad Stahelski is returning to helm the sequel, which is being produced by Thunder Road's Basil Iwanyk for Lionsgate.

Along with Reeves, "John Wick's" Bridget Moynahan, John Leguizamo and Ian McShane are reprising their roles for the sequel. Common recently joined the cast as the film's villain.

"John Wick 2" hasn't been given a release date.

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