John Rozum writing new Xombi series

This past weekend at the New York Comic Con, DC co-publisher Dan Didio said that the Milestone character Xombi will return in February. John Rozum, who wrote the original Xombi series back in the 1990s, posted on his blog that he will write the series.

"Xombi came straight from my DNA and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to return to the story of David Kim," he wrote on his blog. "This is an absolute dream come true for me."

He also notes that he's written one issue so far, and an art team has not been chosen yet.

Xombi, the story of a medical researcher whose supernatural wounds were cured by nanomachines that render him immortal, ran for 22 issues. Like the other Milestone characters, Xombi is now part of the DC universe, having been introduced into it last year in Brave & the Bold #26. Rozum's post includes a great introduction to the character if you've never read the book.

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