John Romita, Jr. Returns to "Amazing Spider-Man" in 2008

We've all heard that Spider-Man's undergoing a number of changes over the next few months. Perhaps the biggest among these is that Marvel Comics' Web-Slinger will be going from three titles to just one, "Amazing Spider-Man," which will be published almost weekly. The creative teams for "Amazing Spider-Man" were announced at this year's Comic Con International in San Diego, and now CBR News can add one more name to the roster, a name that will make many long time Spidey fans very happy: John Romita, Jr. CBR News spoke briefly with Romita about his new penciling assignment.

"I always said that I would eventually return to 'Amazing Spider-Man' but there were several special projects in between that caused some time to pass," Romita told CBR News. Out of the 30 years Romita has been working in comics, about 14 of them have been spent drawing Spider-Man's adventures, yet Romita still isn't certain of the exact reason why he keeps coming back to the Wallcrawler. "I don't know. Why do people break up with and then go back to their girlfriends? Maybe it's familiarity. Maybe it's a deep rooted love. Spider-Man is just my favorite character."

There are a multitude of reasons why Spider-man is Romita's overall favorite Marvel Comics characters. "It's the realistic setting and the fact that he's a wild, multidimensional character," Romita explained. "Overall, it's the myth of the character and maybe it is the familiarity. In this case familiarity does not breed contempt. It's kind of like having a brother in a comic book. I know this character so well."

Romita knows he's drawing "Amazing Spider-Man" but the artist couldn't offer any more specific details about the assignment. "Right now it's nothing more than I'm going to be working on 'Amazing Spider-Man,'" he said. "I know I have an editor and an inker. I haven't heard anything about the storyline and I'm not even positive who the writer is going to be but the name Dan Slott was bandied about."

CBR News was able to confirm that Dan Slott is indeed the writer Romita will be working with on "Amazing Spider-Man." Additionally, Romita was able to reveal that his inker on "Amazing" is a long time friend and frequent collaborator. "Klaus Janson is the man," Romita stated.

Romita was not sure when his first "Amazing Spider-Man" issue hits stores, but believes fans should expect it sometime in the later half of 2008. "My understanding is that when I'm completely finished with 'World War Hulk,' I'll be beginning 'Amazing Spider-Man.' I'm not exactly sure what their schedule is but it might be some time in the fall."

Spider-Man is a character that lends himself to a variety of story types, and while Romita may not know the exact details of the first "Amazing Spider-Man" story he'll be creating with Dan Slott, he does know what type of story he'd like to draw. "The stories that combine superhero and crime elements are my favorite Spider-Man stories," Romita explained.

With its almost weekly format, the schedule on "Amazing Spider-Man" is a unique one. Creative teams will rotate in and out and back in again, and readers can expect to see Romita's name in the credits on the book a multitude of times. "I think of this as a long term assignment," he said. "I don't like to do short any short term stints on a monthly title. If it's happened it's not by my choice."

Romita's return to "Amazing Spider-Man" won't hit stores until 2008 but the artist is eagerly anticipating the chance to once again swing down the mean streets of New York City with Spidey. "I really look forward to it," Romita stated. "I'll be on the book with great vim and vigor and I can't wait to get back to drawing the character."


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