John McCrea Talks Herogasm

These days, with an abundance of titles on stands carrying words like "Crisis" and "Secret," there's no denying that we currently live in the Event Age of comics. But with their first spinoff miniseries, the creators of Dynamite's "The Boys" have decided to attach a different set of words to the event idea... four-letter words.

Reuniting writer Garth Ennis and artist John McCrea, "The Boys: Herogasm" #1 goes on sale in May. McCrea, who created DC Comics' "Hitman' with Ennis, told CBR that their past work won't be the only influence on the series that pokes fun at the superhero summer crossover. "'Hitman' was born from the Bloodlines crossover, but past crossovers really have no influence on the way I am approaching the book - the latest Tera Patrick DVD has a lot more influence."

Though "Herogasm" will focus mostly on the sordid secret lives of the "The Boys'" supers, the main cast will also be mixing it up, as evidenced in McCrea's first issue contributions. "I like Butcher; he reminds me of me," McCrea said. "Drawing Homelander was the most fun - he's such a bastard, and so well designed: the eagle on his right shoulder has that Judge Dredd thing so it appeals to any Brit artist."

The appeal for McCrea's jumping on the spinoff in place of regular "Boys" artist Darick Robertson (who provides covers) is mainly the chance to reconnect with his former partner on the page - even if he had to play catch up. "I came to 'Herogasm' quite late in the day. Garth had written three issues when I signed up," McCrea revealed. "I read the series when Nick at Dynamic sent the trades over to me and I enjoyed the hell out of it."

Of course, McCrea's current output does include a lot of work within the superhero fields. "I'm still working on [the Arab-world's super team] 'The 99' as well as drawing the upcoming Paul Jenkins-written 'Theatre of War' book starring Captain America," he said.

As the pages tell, "Herogasm" holds a decidedly different place in McCrea's own career, with his work taking on a new look. "I've been working closely with a friend of mine called Keith Burns on this series, and the combination of our art styles is very enjoyable," said McCrea. "Keith's strengths are my weaknesses and vice versa so the overall package is looking very strong."

"The Boys: Herogasm" #1 goes on sale in May from Dynamite Entertainment.

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