John Constantine: Hellblazer - DC Reveals First Look at Black Label Title

Following yesterday's release of The Sandman Universe Presents: Hellblazer #1, DC Comics has revealed a first look at John Constantine: Hellblazer #1, which will officially kick off the titular character's new ongoing Black Label title.

The preview pages for John Constantine: Hellblazer #1 shared by DC afford readers a sneak peek at the upcoming series' interior art, which comes from Aaron Campbell (with colors by Jordie Bellaire). This preview also offers a first look at a new character named K-Mag, a practicing Haruspex who also leads a gang of young drug dealers.

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"He's the top dog in a gang of juvenile drug dealers operating out of Peckham Rye — a patch of south London very close to my heart," series writer Si Spurrier said of K-Mag in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "Whereas most youth gangs tend to form along racial lines of one sort or another, K-Mag, which is a contraction of his full title, King Magpie, has an almost egalitarian approach to building his crew, the Ri-Boys. He sees himself as offering a refuge against the snobbery, hatred and racism of modern London. Of course, he's also an evil crack-dealing fuckhead who sends teenagers out on suicidal knife missions, so let's not get too excited about his progressive politics."

The preview pages can be found below.

Set within the Neil Gaiman-curated Sandman Universe, John Constantine: Hellblazer follows everyone's favorite magic-wielding Scouser upon his return to the city of London. Old habits die hard and John soon find himself up to his old habits. However, the city is a much darker place than he remembers it.

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A small-time gang lord (K-Mag) finds himself dealing with a major outbreak of supernatural activity. And seeing as how John has nothing and nobody left in his life, he is forced to work with London's worst in an effort to make ends meet. However -- in true Constantine form -- a simple exorcism goes horribly awry, setting the stage for this new chapter in the Hellblazer mythos.

"Honestly, coming up with new stories is the least difficult part," said Spurrier. "There’s always a new con, a new bit of folklore, a new spooky tale, a new act of human revulsion or redemption to glorify. And I think I have a decent enough grasp of who John is — put bluntly, there’s nothing more wretched than a bastard with a conscience — to let him blunder about under his own steam more than I might another character."

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Written by Si Spurrier and illustrated by Aaron Campbell, John Constantine: Hellblazer #1 goes on sale Nov. 27 from DC Comics.

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