John Cena goes Super Saiyan in WWE/'Dragon Ball Z' mash-up

Though he's often compared to Superman, this gif (created by reddit/r/squaredcircle user noise_filter) depicting WWE superstar John Cena as a superpowered Saiyan straight out of Dragon Ball Z may be a more accurate comparison. Because when you think about it, Cena and Goku have quite a bit in common.

• They're both presented as paragons of virtue in their respective realities.

• They both have longstanding rivalries, or sometimes love/hate relationships, with other fighters.

• They both tend to "power up" following lengthy beatings from their opponents, at which point they shrug off attacks and overpower their enemies, often using superhuman feats of strength, for the win.

• Ultimately, neither one of them ever truly loses "the big fight."

Now, let's hope some enterprising fan creates a showdown between the two, if only to learn how Cena's Five Knuckle Shuffle would fare against Goku and his Kamehameha.

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