John Cassaday Returns To "Captain America" For 75th Anniversary Story

For Captain America's 75th Anniversary, it appears Marvel Comics is planning a reunion for the star spangled Avenger.

Artist John Cassaday, who previously drew the adventures of Steve Rogers in a noteworthy post-9/11 run with writer John Ney Rieber, announced via his Facebook page that he's working on a new short story featuring the character. "Work in progress: A sneak peek at a short story I'm working on for Captain America's 75th. Watch this space...!" the artist wrote while sharing the following image, which appears to take place in the hero's World War II heyday:

Marvel recently announced that the recently sidelined Steve Rogers would return to costumed duty to celebrate the character's 75th Anniversary, though whether this story will appear in that new series or in another unannounced special remains unknown. CBR News has reached out to Marvel for additional info.

Rieber and Cassaday's run on Cap launched in 2002, and on the heels of the recent attacks in America, the series dealt with terrorism as a concept head on. The run was in many ways a turning point for the modern interpretation of the character and for the modern version of Marvel as a company.

Cassaday was recently invited to comment on the character and his history with Steve Rogers in ABC's "Marvel's Captain America: 75 Heroic Years" special. His most recent gig with Marvel was serving as the launch artist for the publisher's best-selling "Star Wars" revival.

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