John Carpenter's Snake Plissken escapes from New York into comics

[Snake Plissken]He's escaped from New York. He's escaped from Los Angeles. His latest challenge is to escape from the comic panel.

In 1981 director John Carpenter brought to the screen "Escape From New York." The movie starred actor Kurt Russell in the role of Snake Plissken, a prisoner offered freedom if he rescued the President of the United States who's plane went down inside Manhattan, now a maximum security prison. Since its release the film has achieved cult status and spawned a sequel in 1996.

Today, Hurricane Entertainment, the folks behind the Image Comics title "Violent Messiahs," announced that the adventures of Snake Plissken will continue in comic book form. A new comic titled "John Carpenter's Snake Plissken Chronicles" will premiere in Spring of 2003 with art by "Violent Messiahs' artist Tone Rodriguez. Hurricane has partnered with Carpenter, Producer Debra Hill and Actor Kurt Russell to bring this character to the comic page. The deal was brokered and packaged by Kevin Cleary and Josh Morris of ACME Talent and Literary in Los Angeles.

Carpenter is very pleased with the artwork he's seen by Rodriguez so far. "We've got a great artist here. I grew up with comic books, going way back, and I was always interested in the art. So I'm very delighted, very delighted."

The book will be written by William O'Neill, the co-creator of "Violent Messiahs" and "Chassis." Hurricane says the series begins "Early the next day...," following the events that transpire in "Escape from New York."

[Sketch]"Our goal is to brand 'Snake Plissken' like other movie or comic book icons such as 'Spider-Man,' 'Batman' and 'Superman' starting with the new comic from Hurricane," said Producer Hill. "In addition to the comic, 2003 and 2004 will see a release of novels, a Japanese Anime feature and a video game. A new DVD collection of 'Escape from New York' will be coming out next spring from MGM. It will feature missing footage, lots of new commentary and interviews from the original 'Escapees' as well as some surprises that will make Snake fans very happy."

Fans can get their first look at the comic via a sneak preview book available at Comic-Con International in San Diego later this week. On hand to sign the comic will be Hill, Rodriquez and O'Neill Friday afternoon at the Hurricane booth.

Jan Utstein-O'Neill, CEO of Hurricane, which produces the aforementioned comics, adds, "We are very excited at the potential of this project and the chance to work with such esteemed talent as John, Debra and Kurt. It's not often that you get the opportunity to take such a well known and an iconic figure as Snake and explore new adventures along with his Creators."

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