John Byrne and the art of change 'without breaking anything permanently'

At Again With the Comics, Brian Hughes fondly remembers John Byrne's landmark 1981-1986 run on Marvel's Fantastic Four:

Under John Byrne, the matronly Sue became adorable, the Thing became craggy and frightening, the Torch was a fun hothead again, and Reed looked more brainy than brawny. The cumulative effect was a complete redesign of the team, without really redesigning anything. [...] As his tenure continued, Byrne mastered the art of keeping things changing and moving, without "breaking" anything permanently. The Thing devolved for a time, Frankie Raye gained Human Torch powers and briefly joined the team before becoming the next herald of Galactus, Reed and the FF first fought Galactus, then saved his life, an act that would haunt him later. The Inhumans, long hidden in the Himalayas, left Earth, a move that could be said to have led to their current space-bound status, and Doctor Doom regained his throne with the FF’s help, in an especially twisted, excellent storyline."

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