John Boyega Just Wants to Be a 'Star Wars' Fan on Opening Day


John Boyega made his name in independent films like the cult-favorite "Attack the Block," only to land a lead role in one of the most lavish cinematic productions in history, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." And while he still loves both types of filmmaking, he's ready to enjoy the epic scale of the third coming of "Star Wars."

Spinoff chatted briefly with Boyega, who stars as the rebellious Stormtrooper Finn, following is appearance alongside Elizabeth Olsen ("Captain America: Civil War") last week to announce the nominations for the 31st Film Independent Spirit Awards

The actor, whose star has been on the rise since he was cast in what’s undoubtedly the most-anticipated film of the revealed, revealed he's determined to enjoy every moment of the buildup to its premiere.

Spinoff Online: You came from a lot of independent film, and you have a great deal of respect for it, as your comments during the Spirit Award announcement revealed. You recently moved into a very non-independent production, with every bell and whistle at the film's disposal. Compare and contrast the pluses and minuses of both of those experiences.

John Boyega: I think everything is a plus, to be honest with you. I believe that they can all coexist, and that’s how I’ve handled my career to date. I just finished “Star Wars,” and then went on to “The Circle,” which is an independent with Tom Hanks and Emma Watson. For me, it’s all balance. They all coexist. It’s all different avenues of art and story. So it’s just something that I’m very, very interested in.


What has been the fun part of this particular period in the process – seeing this excitement building and being part of the preparation to get “The Force Awakens” out there? What’s been fun for you in that?

I think it’s been fun seeing how people will react to trailers, TV spots. It’s been fun to see how the audience is … it feels like the fans are warming up to something they haven’t received in a long time. There’s that kind of mutual feeling. That for me is something that’s very important. I can’t wait for the fans to see the movie. I can’t wait for myself to see the movie, firstly and foremost.

Do you have a plan for opening day?

Oh, opening day you will hear about me popping up in a few places. I’m going to be all over the place opening day! I have a few plane tickets, and I’m going to meet some fans. I’m just going to be a fan. I’m not going to do that actor stuff. I’m literally just going to pop up everywhere just to experience this thing on the big scale.

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” opens Dec. 18 in North America.

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