John Boyega and James McAvoy to Co-Star in Netflix's 'Watership Down'

"Star Wars" actor John Boyega will join "X-Men's" James McAvoy in a Netflix/BBC co-production of "Watership Down."

According to Variety, Boyega and McAvoy will co-star alongside fellow "X-Men" actor Nicolas Hoult, as well as "Iron Man 3's" Ben Kingsley. The series is based on Richard Adams' 1972 novel of the same name and will be an animated series in four parts.

The series follows the journey of a family of rabbits who are forced to leave their home. Boyega will voice the role of Bigwig, McAvoy will voice Hazel, Hoult will voice Fiver, Kingsley will voice General Woundwort, and Olivia Coleman will voice Strawberry.

While BBC shows typically air in the UK first and then other nations later, this series will air simultaneously on BBC in the UK and on Netflix worldwide.

"Watership Down" is considered one of Britain's best young adult books, as it address the issues of poverty, utopia, spirituality and police state politics.

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