Joey Weiser trades goodies for funds to publish next graphic novel

Joey Weiser, creator of The Ride Home and Tales of Unusual Circumstance, is running a Kickstarter-like funding drive on his website to raise money to publish his next graphic novel, Cavemen in Space:

I plan to self-publish (and distribute through AdHouse Books) Cavemen in Space in 2010. I plan to solicit the book to be shipped in May (printed in April). To do so, I have to come up with $3500 in about 3 months. This price includes printing, shipping, purchasing barcode/ISBN, etc.

Unfortunately, as my wife, cat, and I are currently living off of part-time jobs and a little freelance here and there, I don't have the funds to make Cavemen in Space a reality! This is where you come in...

Inspired by folks like Liz Baillie and Jamie Tanner, I have launched a fundraiser to publish Cavemen in Space! And as a thank you for donating, I have several different rewards based on the level of donation!

Depending on how much you donate, prizes range from copies of his previous work to an appearance in another Weiser comic.

Also, if you aren't familiar with Kickstarter, you can find similar projects over at their site.

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