Joel Silver Breaks Our Hearts About The Veronica Mars Movie

If, like all with good taste, you've been keeping a little hope alive in your heart that Kristen Bell would one day return as Veronica Mars for a movie follow-up to the sadly gone television series, then you may want to skip this post. Or, at least, prepare yourself for a little reality.

According to Joel Silver, who produced the series, we shouldn't be holding our breaths for the return of Rob Thomas' snarky detective because the people in charge of the money don't think it'll be worth it. Talking to Collider, Silver explained,

We analyzed all these areas about it. I talked to the home video people, because a movie like that would be driven by video. The [season DVDs] didn’t do that well… So they didn’t feel there was a need or an audience.

On the one hand: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. On the other, I can kind of see their point; as great as Mars was, it never really grabbed the biggest audience in the world. Nonetheless, I'm still supporting creator Thomas' desire to try and get a movie done at some point, if only because Bell really deserves to make movies that are better than When In Rome.

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