Joe Quesada's 2006 Christmas Song is here

Official Press Release

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Marvel! Don't check your calendar. Don't think some wild, Dr. Doom-engineered time vortex has opened up and Christmas has returned. Nothing is out of the ordinary.

It's just that Joe Quesada (along with his band Idlechatter) has released the annual Marvel Christmas song. And yes, as the song's title states, "This Song is Two Weeks Late." Like I was saying, nothing out of the ordinary here.

It was a massive undertaking that saw late nights, frantic edits and some of the most ridiculous rapping in music history, but it's here! We should have a snazzy video to go along with the song here on Marvel.com, but for now enjoy the song.

Head to Marvel.com to download Joe Quesada's four previous Christmas songs!

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