Joe Quesada Withdraws from Eagle Awards

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IN A magnanimous gesture, Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada has asked the organisers of the Eagle Awards to remove his name from nomination for Favourite Editor in this year's awards.

Explaining his reasons for the decision,. Quesada said, "In my years in the comic's industry, I often found that whenever a Marvel Editor in Chief was nominated for a "Best Editor" award, they would almost always win. I always thought this rather unjust as an EIC had an unfair advantage over line editors as he was the person whose name was on all the books and like everyone who has had this job, we tend to get way too much credit for the hard work of others.

"That is why in the past, when I have found myself nominated for Best Editor awards, I have always asked for my name to be taken out of contention as being Editor in Chief really require no hands on editing but rather global direction of the creative division of our publishing arm," " the Marvel editor-in-chief revealed

Moving on to the Eagles, he continued, ""While incredibly flattering and an honour to be nominated, I feel that my name unjustly takes up a spot that should be taken by an editor who is doing hands on editing. Doesn't matter what company they work for, they would be worthier of a nomination than I as that is not what I do for a living."

Acceding to Quesada's request, Eagle Awards founder Mike Conroy commented, "While I'm sure his many fans will be disappointed by Joe's decision, I believe he has a point. I'd have tried to dissuade him if I thought he was wrong but his argument makes perfect sense to me... and I'm sure to the scores of editors who are out there on the front line.

"That Joe felt the need to bring his concerns to my attention only serves to underscore the importance of the Eagles to the industry," Conroy added.

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