Joe Quesada Trolled Bill Maher from the Stan Lee Tribute in Los Angeles

Bill Maher has become something of a controversial figure among comic fans, due to his recently revealed disdain for adults who still enjoy comic books, and disrespectful comments regarding the late Stan Lee.

In response to this, Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada invited Maher to attend the Stan Lee Tribute in Los Angeles. However, when Maher declined the invitation, Quesada decided to troll the talk show host from the event via his Twitter account.

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In the first of two tweets, Quesada tells Maher he still has an hour to claim the former's plus one, though Quesada can't promise the comic a good seat. A second tweet shows Quesada with a jokingly sad face pointing to an empty seat next to him, telling Maher he's "going to miss a hell of an afterparty," and obviously "crushed" that Maher spurned his offer.

Maher initially made his views on comic books public in a blog post on the Real Time website last year called "Adulting." The post was a reaction to the outpouring of appreciation for Stan Lee after the former Marvel writer and editor passed away on November 12. He later doubled down on those comments.

Quesada isn't the only big name comic creator who has taken a shot at Maher in recent days. Both filmmaker and Quesada's Daredevil collaborator, Kevin Smith, and acclaimed comic writer Peter David have given their own take on Maher's anti-comic book stance.

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