This Joe Quesada Superman Sketch is... Marvelous

From the Man Without Fear to the Man of Tomorrow. Marvel Comics' Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada shared a sketch of DC Comics' Superman before attending Fan Expo Dallas this weekend.

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The former Marvel Editor-in-Chief posted the close-up sketch of the Man of Steel yesterday, complete with the hero's signature hair curl and determined gaze. Quesada joked that drawing the iconic DC hero made him "feel a bit dirty" but added that it is "fun to do the occasional off the beaten path sketch." Take a minute to appreciate the sketch.

While Quesada is known for his work with Marvel (he was the publisher's Editor-in-Chief from 2000 until 2011), he started his comics career at Valiant Entertainment, and even co-created DC's Jean-Paul Valley, otherwise known as the vigilante Azrael, with Dennis O'Neal in 1992. Jean-Paul Valley went on to play an important -- and violent -- role in Batman's classic Knightfall arc, briefly taking up the mantle of Batman after the Dark Knight was taken out of commission by Bane.

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Quesada will be at Fan Expo Dallas on Saturday for a signing and a Q&A panel. You can find more information about his appearance at the event here.

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