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Marvel Editor in Chief Joe Quesada released details of the publisher's planned benefit project for The New York City Fire and Police Departments and the American Red Cross. Called 'HEROES', according to Quesada this poster book will include "the world's greatest superhero writers and artists portraying the world's greatest heroes." What does that mean..?

"While there will be some 'superhero' drawings, for the most part the illustrations will portray Americans doing what they do...it'll be firemen, EMS workers and citizens on the street," Quesada said. "Just artists' interpretations of what's going on at this moment.

"Hopefully we'll get our writers involved if they have a brief essay or statement they want to express that's relative to the time. We'll maybe attach some of these to the art pieces."

Quesada reports Quebecor has agreed to print the book for free, and that Diamond is going to facilitate a "quicky solicitation" and that Marvel hopes to go to press in two or three weeks. The book will likely be released at the retail price of $3.50, will all proceeds going to the relief funds. "And we hope retailers will do the same from their profits from the book as well," said Quesada. "So this is a time we encourage fans to buy two copies if they could."

Dynamic Forces has also volunteered to "commandeer" a signing for Marvel with many New York creators participating, and if they can get the book out on time, Dynamic Forces will try to get that signed version on their next Home Shopping Network segment, again will all proceeds of that going to the relief funds.

"We're also encouraging the artists to donate the original artwork, and we're going to try to hit all the big New York auction house to see if they'll help us out with a fundraising auction," said Quesada. "Or if not, we'll figure out another way, perhaps online on eBay or something." The EiC said sketches are coming in to their offices as he spoke, finished pieces will probably be due next week, and that everyone is working as rapidly as possible to get this done.

As to the contributors, Quesada preferred not to release a partial list, but he said there were lots of artists involved, including named readers would never suspect doing anything for Marvel.

"These folks are putting everything aside and doing this thing, it's non-denominational," concluded Quesada. "The problem is going to be figuring out how to get them all in one book."

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