Joe Quesada Joins Marvel's Blog Brigade

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Official Press Release

Marvel's Editor-in-Chief, CCO, and the human lightening rod for controversy Joe Quesada has started his very own blog on Marvel.com, appropriately titled Cup of Blog. Learn about the daily life of Marvel's driving force from what he eats for breakfast to what superhero he would like to see dead next.

To read Joe's first blog entry, click here.

Joining the likes of other Marvel.com bloggers like Executive Editor Tom Brevoort (Civil War, New Avengers) and the X-bloggers Nick Lowe and Sean Ryan, Joe Quesada's Cup of Blog will be your number one destination for all things JQ. Check back early and often because you never know when Joe will be unveiling new art or making an earth-shattering announcement.

Have something to say to Joe, about his blog, comics, or the New York Mets? Well now you the fan can be heard as Marvel.com provides each and every fan the opportunity to respond to each of Joe's blog entries.

Be sure to check back all next week as Joe gives his thoughts and updates on Marvel's big creative summit taking place all next week. And always remember to start your day off right with a Cup of Blog.

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