Joe Quesada Joins "Death of Wolverine" Variant Cover Lineup

Marvel's Chief Creative Officer joins the growing lineup of artists providing covers for September's weekly "Death of Wolverine" event miniseries. Joe Quesada, along with inker Mark Morales and colorist Jason Keith, pits Wolverine against what appears to be duplicates of the mutant hero's own skeleton.

The Joe Q cover is just the latest incentive Marvel is offering for the month-long event. In July, the publisher announced a "Death of Wolverine" retailer kit, which includes postcards, lithographs, and a Skottie Young variant cover, all in support of Charles Soule and Steve McNiven's four-issue series. Each issue of the mini will feature "Weapon Etched Foil Covers" as the standard, McNiven-illustrated non-variant covers.

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