Joe Quesada Brushes Off "Iron Fist" Netflix Rumors

Though he remained non-committal about the possibility of Marvel announcing a "Jessica Jones" solo comic to capitalize on the character's new show, or a "Defenders" title to tie-in with the eventual team-up TV series, Marvel Comics CCO Joe Quesada was clear when discussing recent rumors surrounding plans for the "Iron Fist" series on Netflix.

"'Iron Fist' is being worked on. That's all I can say," Quesada stated in an interview with IGN. Asked whether recent rumors regarding the series being reworked into a movie were accurate, he responded, "Where did you read these rumors? They were on the Internet? So they must be true."

According a report from Peel The Orange, the streaming service is considering swapping out the "Iron Fist" series for one starring Jon Bernthal's "Punisher." Instead, the rumor posits that an "Iron Fist" feature film will be made for Netflix, somehow giving Marvel "extra time and a larger budget for this project." Additionally, if the Punisher gets his own series instead of Iron Fist, it's said that he could also replace Iron Fist as one of the stars of the "Defenders" miniseries.

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