Joe Quesada Comments On Brian Bendis' DC Comics Deal


When word hit earlier today that Brian Michael Bendis had signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics, the comic book industry's reaction was one of genuine shock, followed by excitement over what the writer has planned for his new publishing home. Bendis, a near-two decade veteran of Marvel Comics, who was involved in many of the publisher's most successful initiatives of the past 17 years, is heading to the home of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman.

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One of the people who has worked with Bendis the longest at Marvel, Joe Quesada, too to Twitter this afternoon to offer his longtime friend and creative partner his congratulations, and to wax nostalgic over what the two managed to accomplish during their time together.

"I want to thank @BRIANMBENDIS for all the years of hard work, creativity and more importantly friendship," Quesada tweeted. "During my time as EIC we had a lot of fun, rattled a lot of cages & made what I hope will be viewed in retrospect by fans as some fun comics. While I will undoubtedly miss having him at Marvel I want to congratulate Bri on his upcoming gig at DC and wish him nothing but success. As a fan the change of corner box will not dampen my desire to read whatever he does next and look forward to his upcoming projects."

Of course, with Bendis no longer a part of the publisher's Legacy plans, the question arises, what, if anything, does Marvel have in place to fill the new hole in its creative roster. "For the Marvel faithful, while this kind of news can seem like a gut punch it's all good and stay tuned," Quesada tweeted. "We have some big things coming your way as well as some surprises up our sleeves. 2018 is going to be great year to be a comic book fan so strap in kids it's gonna be a hell of a ride and I don't want you falling out."

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