Marvel's Joe Quesada Invites Bill Maher to Stan Lee Tribute

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When Real Time with Bill Maher returned from hiatus, the titular host used the last six minutes of his show to further express his distaste for adults who read comic books. Marvel Comics Joe Quesada has since responded with his own opinion on Maher's comments and an invitation to attend the upcoming Stan Lee tribute.

Quesada originally retweeted filmmaker Kevin Smith's reaction to Maher's segment, which had directly targeted the Clerks director. "I’ve watched [Bill Maher] from time to time, been in the audience as well," Quesada wrote. "I don’t agree with everything he says, I don’t always find him funny and no one’s happier than me that [Kevin Smith] is done with those damn hockey jerseys (m’boy’s looking sexy these days)."

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In subsequent tweets, Quesada called comics a form of escapism, comparing them to the type of recreational escapism Maher has been campaigning to legalize for years. He then invited Maher to attend the upcoming Stan Lee tribute in Los Angeles, which is in support of the Hero Initiative -- a charity that helps comic book creators in need.

"I promise you I won’t ask you to read a comic but I will ask you to donate a bit to Hero and sign my copy of Iron Man 3," Quesada concluded.

Bill Maher made a cameo in 2013's Iron Man 3 as himself in a news segment where he criticized the President's approach to recent terrorist attacks by the Mandarin, which saw the leader re-branding of Don Cheadle's War Machine as the Iron Patriot.

Maher initially made his views on comic books public in a blog post on the Real Time website last year called "Adulting." The post was a reaction to the outpouring of appreciation for Stan Lee after the former Marvel writer and editor passed away on November 12. He later doubled down on those comments.

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The Stan Lee tribute will be held on January 30 at the TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, California. You can donate to the Hero Initiative online.



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