Marvel's Joe Quesada Bids Farewell to Brian Michael Bendis

With Brian Michael Bendis' final Marvel comic arriving on May 23, Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada shared a heartfelt message on social media to celebrate the writer's 18 plus years at the publisher.

In November, the announcement came that Bendis had signed a “multifaceted, multilayered” exclusive agreement with DC Comics, where he will also move his Jinxworld creator-owned work, along with curating a custom imprint featuring the company's heroes.

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Of course, Quesada originally thought Bendis' final Marvel comic, Invincible Iron Man #600, came out this week, which is what prompted the emotional posts. In any event, it displays Quesada's appreciation for all the hard work and sacrifices Bendis made to Marvel in his nearly two decades of work.

The CCO even encouraged fans to reach out to Bendis and also thank him if they were ever inspired by one of his many stories. "That's why I’d like to ask all of you within the sound of my social footprint, whether you buy Iron Man #600 or not (PLEASE buy Iron Man #600), if you were ever entertained, touched or inspired by any of Brian’s stories, to send a small Tweet of thanks his way," Quesada said.

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Invincible Iron Man #600 goes on sale May 23.

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