Joe Manganiello Has Written a Dungeons & Dragons Movie Script

Although a "Dungeons & Dragons" reboot has been in the works at Warner Bros. since at least 2013, Joe Mangianello isn't content to wait around for his turn at the dice.

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"The Batman" star, and avowed nerd, is developing his own adaptation of the cult-classic role-playing game, with the hope that it will lead to a major franchise.

Appearing on Josh Horowitz's "Happy Sad Confused" podcast, Manganiello revealed he wrote a draft of "Dungeons & Dragons" with a playwright friend, and held a creative summit with game publisher Wizards of the Coast to hash out "where [the film] could go, what it should look like, and what it should be."

The actor reflected on how it’s important for a "Dungeons & Dragons" film to feature real, human emotion -- and dragons, of course.

"Obviously, there's a spectacle," Manganiello said. "There's dragons breathing fire and lightning. But what makes a great superhero or fantasy movie is the human aspect. It's got to be about something. We root for those characters in 'Game of Thrones.' 'Fellowship of the Ring' was about friendship, this undying love for your friends. That's something everyone can identify with."

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"When a movie is about something human and real emotionally, people are going to want to see," he continued. "Then you get some dragons breathing fire, and hey, I'm in."

While a timeline hasn’t yet been set on account of it being pretty early in the development phase, the actor claims he is "talking to all the right parties" to make his dream a reality.

Manganiello, who's attached to star as Deathstroke in Warner Bros.' "The Deathstroke," provides the voice of Hefty in the animated "Smurfs: The Lost Village," which opens today nationwide.

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