Joe Kubert named Guest of Honor for Mid-Ohio-Con

Official Press Release

GCX Holdings LLC announced today that legendary creator Joe Kubert has been named Guest of Honor at Mid-Ohio-Con 2008. Kubert will join an all-star roster of creative guests from world of comics, films, television and other genres at Mid-Ohio-Con 2008. This news is the latest in a series of high-profile guest announcements that have been featured at the Mid-Ohio-Con web site www.midohiocon.com and The Mighty Mighty MOC-BLOG www.midohiocon.blogspot.com.

"To call Joe Kubert's contribution to comics extraordinary is an understatement," said James Henry, Managing Director of GCX Holdings. "His impact on the medium can be measured not only in his own great achievements as an artist, writer, and editor but also as a father to his sons Adam and Andy, two of finest and most successful comic books artists in the business today, and as a teacher to thousands of students at his Kubert School over the past three decades,"

Bill Schelly, author of the forthcoming Man of Rock: A Biography of Joe Kubert, aptly notes that Kubert's career literally spans the history of American comics. He began drawing comics professionally in 1938 at the age of 11 just as Superman made his debut in Action Comics no. 1, and continues to be one of the most influential creators in comics to this day, with a body of work in mainstream and independent comic titles that is loved by fans and critics alike.

Kubert is best known for his definitive runs on DC's war comics, GI Combat, Our Army at War, Sgt. Rock, Enemy Ace, and the Haunted Tank, as well as superhero titles like Hawkman and his adaptation of the Edgar Rice Burroughs property Tarzan. During the span of his 70-year career in comics, he has worked as an artist, writer, and editor on many of the leading titles for every major publisher in the business.

About Mid-Ohio-Con

Now entering its 28th year, Mid-Ohio-Con is one of America's longest-running and most successful pop culture conventions. Each year, Mid-Ohio-Con brings fans of all ages together with leading comic book writers and artists, film and television creators and stars, as well as publishers and retailers from across the nation. Mid-Ohio-Con 2008 will be held on October 4â€"5 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center at 400 North High Street in Columbus, Ohio.

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