Joe Kosinski Unleashes <i>Archangels</i>

Joe Kosinski is a name to watch. The filmmaker is responsible for one of this year's most massive cinematic undertakings in the form of the December-releasing Tron Legacy, and depending on how that film performs, we could be seeing a whole lot more of Kosinski in the years to come.

But we don't have to wait for the box office numbers to roll in on Kosinski's upcoming sci-fi sequel to know that he's going to be sticking around Hollywood for at least one more movie. The director has been tapped to helm New Regency's Archangels, a science fiction action movie written by Andrew Will and produced by Ridley and Tony Scott's Scott Free banner.

Archangels takes place in a near future where the film's protagonist is a member of a task force charged with tracking down aliens who break past Earth's defenses. The film is described as "a Bourne-style thriller crossed with alien elements." I'm already sold, but if Jeff Bridges is somehow invited along for the ride, I'll be even more pleased with this news.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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