Joe Kelly signs exclusive contract with DC

Official Press Release

DC Comics is pleased to announce that Joe Kelly, best known for his current work on ACTION COMICS and with Chris Bachalo on STEAMPUNK, has signed a one-year exclusive contract.

Following his fan-favorite run on Deadpool and X-Men for Marvel Comics, Joe jumped at the chance to write Superman. According to Kelly: "Working on ACTION has been so good that I still can't believe it. After a year and half, everyone is still cool. All the stories we set up a year ago have all come out; the only changes have been to make things better."

According to ACTION COMICS editor Eddie Berganza:

"The best thing about Joe's writing is his different take on the DCU. A lot of the characters he's written in ACTION he's exploring for the first time. The particular aspect of the character he's writing that he chooses to latch onto makes his writing fresh and modern. Joe Kelly is the future!"

In addition to ACTION COMICS, Joe is also the writer/co-creator of STEAMPUNK for CLIFFHANGER PRODUCTIONS, a collaboration with Chris Bachalo that resulted in the creation of a completely alternate history. According to Kelly:

"Chris' creative process and ability to focus is astounding; what comes out of him month after month is inspirational and exciting to work with. The coolest part of it for me is that what we originally set out to do is coming across in those pages, that vision we created has actually happened, undiluted, in those pages."

Kelly will also be taking over the reins on SUPERBOY beginning with #83, teamed with artist Pascual Ferry. In the works for Superboy are a slick new costume and loads of attitude. According to Kelly:

"Pascual and I met at Marvel many years ago; we worked together on 2099: World of Tomorrow. Pascual's fantastic. His ideas and designs for SUPERBOY (not that I'm giving anything away) are amazing."

Joe Kelly's work can be seen in the pages of ACTION COMICS and STEAMPUNK. ACTION COMICS #760 (AUG99 0169), #761 (SEP99 0134), #762 (OCT99 0171), #763 (NOV99 0104), #764 (DEC99 0148), #765 (JAN00 0204), #767 (MAR00 0158), #768 (APR00 0182), #769 (MAY00 0118), #770 (JUN00 0248), and #771 (JUL00 0310) are still available for reorder from Diamond. STEAMPUNK #3 (FEB00 0185), #4 (MAR00 0219), #5 (APR00 0238), #6 (JUL00 0372) as well as the prequel STEAMPUNK: CATECHISM (STAR11133) are also available for reorder.

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