Joe Hill's Horror Novel 'NOS4A2' Heads to AMC

AMC is developing a supernatural horror series based on Joe Hill's 2013 novel "NOS4A2."

Deadline reports that producers AMC Studios and Michael Eisner’s Tornante TV are in search of a writer.

Hill's third novel, following "Heart Shaped Box" and "Horns," "NOS4A2" centers on a woman who tries to save her son from a psychopath who's survived for centuries by abducting children in his 1938 Rolls-Royce Wraith (license plate "NOS4A2") and draining their souls to keep himself young.

IDW Publishing, which published Hill's acclaimed comic series "Locke & Key," released a tie-in miniseries "Wraith: Welcome to Christmasland."

Hill's fantasy thriller "Horns" was adapted as a 2014 film starring Daniel Radcliffe, while his "Heart Shaped Box" is reportedly being redeveloped at Warner Bros. "Locke & Key," which he created with artist Gabriel Rodriguez, was produced as a television pilot, although Fox ultimately passed on it. The project was announced last year as a potential film trilogy, but that's now off the table. However, another TV pilot is said to be possible.



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